Wu Yun Liu Qi Theory for Clinical Practice 五运六气学说

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Wu Yun Liu Qi Theory for Clinical Practice 五运六气学说
This Book is 22 pages

Wu Yun Liu Qi (movement and Qi)  is highest level theory of TCM. The theory was explained in Huang Di Nei Jing—the earliest, classical TCM book..


Wu Yun Liu Qi is the theory analyze the relationship between planet change, affects to earth weather change and result to human physical and mental change. This theory is related to: 

  • ·        Astronomy
  • ·        Calendrical Science
  • ·        Climatologic
  • ·        Chronobiology
  • ·        Meteorology
  • ·        Constellation


As a TCM practitioner, to learn and use Wu Yun Liu Qi theory is like to get one of the newest high class tools for the clinic.


Wu Yun Liu Qi is very complicated, that is one of the reason it was not taught in regular TCM schools in Chinese until last year and is not yet taught in any regular acupuncture school in the states.


This book just gives basic knowledge of Wu Yun Liu Qi, as for practitioner to have a little idea to get into the deep study in near future.