Herbal Sleepmix Detox Tea

Herbal Sleepmix Detox Tea

Posted by AA Wellness Supply LLC on 5th Dec 2020

NADA co-founder and psychiatrist Michael O. Smith recently told program administrators at a workshop that soup and friendship were “the best technology” for acu detox patients. In China, recipes of h … Read More

Things That You Need To Know About Moxibustion

Posted by AA Wellness Supply LLC on 22nd Oct 2020

Ever heard of moxibustion? It is a traditional Chinese medicine technique involving the burning of an herb to promote holistic healing with acupuncture. Like most alternative Chinese medicine, moxibus … Read More

The Ultimate Guide To Acupuncture Needles

Posted by AA Wellness Supply LLC on 16th Oct 2020

If you run a successful acupuncture practice, we know that having an endless supply of high-quality, sterile needles will always be #1 on your list of priorities! Getting hold of needles that are suit … Read More