Herbal Sleepmix Detox Tea

Herbal Sleepmix Detox Tea

Posted by AA Wellness Supply LLC on 5th Dec 2020

NADA co-founder and psychiatrist Michael O. Smith recently told program administrators at a workshop that soup and friendship were “the best technology” for acu detox patients. In China, recipes of h … Read More

Things That You Need To Know About Moxibustion

Posted by AA Wellness Supply LLC on 22nd Oct 2020

Ever heard of moxibustion? It is a traditional Chinese medicine technique involving the burning of an herb to promote holistic healing with acupuncture. Like most alternative Chinese medicine, moxibus … Read More

The Ultimate Guide To Acupuncture Needles

Posted by AA Wellness Supply LLC on 16th Oct 2020

If you run a successful acupuncture practice, we know that having an endless supply of high-quality, sterile needles will always be #1 on your list of priorities! Getting hold of needles that are suit … Read More

Pet CBD Oil Treats for Dogs

Posted by AA Wellness Supply LLC on 5th May 2020

CBD Dog TreatsReward your best friends with only the best in CBD Dog Treats: choose from delicious peanut butter, baked cheese, and sweet potato. Our treats are made with no meat or unnecessary additi … Read More