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Pet CBD Oil Treats for Dogs

Posted by Louis Amodeo on

CBD Dog Treats

Reward your best friends with only the best in CBD Dog Treats: choose from delicious peanut butter, baked cheese, and sweet potato. Our treats are made with no meat or unnecessary additives, combined with the powerful properties of CBD derived from USA hemp that has been grown with safe cultivation methods.

We only use choice, high-quality ingredients to ensure that your dog receives all the wholesome applications of properly sourced CBD in a tasty treat you can feel good about giving.

Why Paw CBD?

At Paw CBD, we believe that getting a high-quality CBD product shouldn’t be beyond your budget. Our products contain only premium CBD that’s THC-free and manufactured through our unique production process that results from non-GMO hemp grown right here in the USA. No additives, no pollutants, no THC – only the good stuff!

All our products come with a 60-day money-back guarantee, with free shipping on all orders. If you have questions about our full line of CBD products, just call our world-class customer service team.

How Much to Give?

There’s no standard measurement for dogs, especially given the range of sizes and breeds. Start with a lower amount and adjust accordingly based on your pet’s overall experience, scaling up gradually if needed.

How Long to Notice Results?

Again, this can vary depending on the dog. Some CBD users experience the properties right away, but it does accumulate in the system over time and it’s generally recommended to continue use for two to three weeks.

Continued use for two to three weeks is generally suggested to allow CBD build up.


Flour, Oats, Honey, Vegetable Oil, Eggs, Cultured Rice Flour, Cannabidiol (CBD), and Flavoring.


  1. 600mg CBD treats

    My 30lb beagle has horrible environmental allergies. I tried Benadryl, steroids and Apoquel. They all worked for a short time, then stopped. He now takes a 600mg treat once a day and hardly scratches at all! His skin is no longer red and the hair loss has stopped! I love this product!

    By Jen

    Posted on

  2. This product

    My dog enjoyed the treats, and she seemed calmer more relaxed, and carefree.

    By Sam

    Posted on

  3. Cheese flavored CBD pet treasts

    We have been giving our elderly pups CBD treats for quite awhile/over a year for their hind leg severe arthritis. 20 mg treats have worked best but after finding a brand that worked...they only had ONE flavor choice. The pups were seemingly getting tired of same treat every day and not wanting to take it like they needed so I went looking for something different and found yours. Not only do they work on the arthritis, but the flavor choices will help keep this "medicine" treat fresh and enjoyable for them. Thank you SO much!

    By Wanda

    Posted on

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