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High-Quality Acupuncture Supplies & Wellness Products

Looking for acupuncture accessories & Chinese herbs suppliers online? You have come to the right place. AA Wellness Supply has an exhaustive catalog of wholesale acupuncture supplies and alternative healthcare products such as plastic cupping sets for sale, mac acupuncture needles products, Accu band 800 GP magnets, Chinese medicine herbs, and more from the world’s leading brands for acupuncture practicians, therapists, and wellness experts.

We offer a variety of patented Chinese medical herbs, Korean hand therapy supplies, moxa burners, TDP & electro-stimulators, Gua Sha, and Tei-Shin tools for your varied practice requirements.

Acupuncture Products Suppliers

An alternative form of wellness therapy, acupuncture is an integral component of the traditional Chinese medical system. Involving the insertion of fine needles to specific points in the body, this practice is believed to help eliminate common health ailments and keep stress, anxiety, and muscle pain at bay.

If you own an acupuncture clinic, ensure a pain-free, perfect procedure and help your clients attain wellness with our reliable, precise acupuncture press needles. Save big on bulk packages by getting in touch with us at our acupressure kit shop in New York.

Cupping Sets Suppliers

Cupping therapy involves the use of cups to create suction on different parts of the body and help facilitate better blood flow. In the long run, it does wonders when it comes to balancing the yin and the yang elements in the body. Cupping - as a form of alternative therapy - is believed to ease muscle tension and promote cell regeneration, which is why it is a favorite among athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and sportspersons.

As glass cupping set suppliers, we have safe, reliable tools and electric automatic cupping pumps from trustworthy brands to help you take your wellness clinic to the next level.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Supplies

The Chinese system of medicinal herbology is one of the oldest recorded medical systems in the world. It has listed the wonderful benefits of more than 300 special herbs, some of which are used to promote mental and physical wellness even today. While many are used as dietary supplements in the form of herbal teas, many others are added to daily meals or consumed in the form of pellets for optimum efficiency. ‘

Add renewed vigor to your life with our all-natural, authentic range of Chinese medicine supplies and herbal supplements stocked up online as well as at our store in NY.

Moxibustion Acupuncture Tools In New York

Moxibustion is an ancient form of therapy wherein medicinal Chinese herbs are burnt close to the skin to usher in renewal and healing. The aroma of the herbs makes the mind calmer while it also improves the flow of qi in the body. This therapeutic intervention is believed to work well with acupuncture techniques.

To buy Hwato moxa rolls and smokeless moxa rolls online, look no further than us as we are the veterans on the block when it comes to supplying healthcare practicians with the best moxibustion products!

AA Wellness Supply is your one-stop-shop for all your virus protection, acupuncture, and healthcare practice’s needs in New York. As premier acupuncture suppliers, we offer amazing discounts as well so stay tuned to this place for big gains!