The Art of face Diagnostics Atlas 面诊艺术

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The Art of face Diagnostics Atlas. This knowledge was secret, and the great masters of Syanmin delivered their experience orally to a very few pupils.

UDC 133 BBC 86.391 G 65
G 65 Gonikman, Emma Iossiffovna

The Art of Face Diagnostics. Atlas. Minsk: Santana, 2001-304 pages:
ill. ISBN 985-6220-01-7

The first attempts to read secrets of the excesses human face and to define the internal condition of the organism by external signs were made in China, where diagnosing diseases by the human face was called the Art of Syanmin what may be approximately translated as "face reading". This knowledge was secret, and the great masters of Syanmin delivered their experience orally to a very few pupils.

The value of the present publication is that it provides, apart from the Eastern medical concepts, the rich clinical experience of "face reading" of its author - a physician and a scientist whose works are well-known both in the former Soviet Union and abroad.

Having read this book, you will learn that all the peculiarities of an individual's destiny and health are written in his or her face and other parts of the body in the form of specific signs. A very substantial feature of this diagnostics is the possibility to know well in advance about any forthcoming excesses in the organism and to be able to prevent or correct them in proper time.

The chapters of the book were partially taken from the lectures taught by the author to the listeners at the Institute of Mineral Power Therapy.

In 1997 the Santana Publishers printed "The Art of Face Diagnostics" by E. I. Gonikman in the Russian language, and the book arose a great interest among the readers.

The book was republished three times. Now, in response of multiple requests of the listeners at workshops held in many countries, on the basis of that book, a new extended version of the Atlas is being prepared, supplemented with new chapters and much more friendly for training and everyday work.

This book, which is a translation of the 1997 edition, is intended for physicians, popular healers and a broad audience of readers who are interested in the problems of health-improvement.

UDC 133
BBC 86.391

All author's rights reserved. No part of this book, drawings or diagrams may be reproduced in any form and by any means without a written consent of the author and the Publishers.

(D E. 1. Gonikman. Author, 2001 (D N. A. Bushin, D. N. Bushin. Artistic Design, 2001 C Original layout. Santana, 2001
Translated into English by Leonid M. Schukin.
ISBN 985-6220-01-7