Hansol Bu-Hang 19 Piece Cupping Set

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Hansol Bu-Hang 19 Piece Cupping Set 

Boil-able Cups

Product Description: Each set includes: 1 vacuum pump, 1 extension tube, 1 acupressure pointer,
10 red acupressure magnetic cup inserts, and 19 hard plastic cups. Magnificent quality plastic cups that

are shockproof & heatproof and can be sterilized with boiling water. Finest baby bottle plastic
material leaves no marks or scratches. 10 custom Acu-pressure pointers can be used inside the
plastic cups to enhance cupping therapy stimulation. 13x#1 cups; 1x#2 cup; 2x#3 cups; 2x#4 cups; 1x#5 cup.


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