Moxibustion Plaster Patch Great Value!!!! 12 Patches per pack 代温灸膏

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This incredible Moxibustion product will enhance your acupuncture treatments. No burning, and no smoke. Just peel or cut patch to size and apply to points of treatment. Your patients will feel the warmth in a matter of minutes.

Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese therapy, which has been proven by thousands of years of medical practice and modern scientific experiments to be very effective for promoting metabolism, invigorating blood circulation, enhancing and adjusting immunity, adjusting blood pressure, relieving fatigue and senility, diminishing inflammation and allying pain.

Contains: Pepper, Cinnamon, Ginger and Cinnamon Extract

One box contains 5 bags each bag containing 6 poutches or 12-(5cm x 2cm) 2"x2 3/4" patches per box.

Some selections of point examples:

1. Motion Sickness - point location ( Nei Guan #PC6 ) ( Shen Jue #R8 )

2. Upper Respiratory Infection - point location (DaZuei #Du 14)
(Qui Chi #Li 11)

3. Lower Back Pain - point location (Min Men #Du5) (Shen Shu #U22)

4. Stomach Ache - point location (Zu San Li #St 36) (Zhong Wan Ren 12)

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