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  • Ear Probe - Double Sided

    Stainless steel double sided probe for locating and treating ear and body points.   

  • Ear Probe Straight

    Stainless steel probe for locating and treating ear and body points. 6" long, ergometric octagonal shaped handle. A 2 mm dia probe tip ball provides comfortable sensation and...

  • Forceps Curved Hemostat Mosquito  IH-I

    Forceps Hemostat Mosquito rigid curved  nose for gripping action. Great for press pin application and Acupuncture Needle removal 5...

  • Forceps Hemostat   IH-2

    Forceps Hemostat stainless steel 5.5" with mosquito nose

  • Iris Stainless Steel Scissors   IS-I

    Iris scissors stainless steel 4.5" with pointed nose

  • Mylar Blankets

    Mylar Blankets 1 sheet per pack. Can be reusable. Size 52" x...