Yang Xue Sheng Fa Capsules

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Yang Xue Sheng Fa Capsules

Yang Xue Sheng Fa Capsule, also known as Hairgrow nutrient is a 100% natural formula that ensures complete safety and healthy hair. It is one of the oldest medicines that have been used by the Chinese people to combat various health problems along with hair loss. It works from within the body to enable smooth and steady growth of hair.


Recommended for treating hair loss and promoting hair growth. This Traditional Chinese Medicine enables healthy blood circulation in the scalp and head region and also provides the essential nutrients required for proper growth of hair.


Polygonum Multiflorous Radix or Radix Polygoni Mutliflori is the primary active ingredient contained in Yang Xue Sheng Fa Capsules. Apart from being one of the best herbs that helps in preventing hair loss, Polugonum Multiflorous Radix has various other health benefits as well. The principal benefit of using this herb is that improves the transformation of lymphocytes in the body. It also helps in preventing heart diseases and has the potential to reduce sereum cholesterol as well.

Angelica Sinesis Radix is another crucial ingredient contained in Yang Xue Sheng FA capsules. It is a quick aid for hair loss and it also benefits the heart at the same time. It has the properties of dilating the coronary arteries in order to enhance proper blood flow. The components of this ingredient have several health benefits and it can promote healthy liver functions.

Ligusticum Chuanxiong Rhzioma or Rhizoma Chuanxiong is a quintessential herb, commonly contained in some of the most effective Traditional Chinese Medicines. Further from the hair loss benefits, this ingredient has proved to be beneficial for different body parts. It is extremely effective in preventing complications related to menstrual cycles in females as well.
It has the goodness of treating different types of pains and aches, while lessening the complicated that might have been caused due to some physical injury or trauma.


 40 Capsules per bottle

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