Bolster Pillow

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Memory Foam Lumbar Pillow and Leg Pillow - Half Moon Pillow for Lower Back, Knee - Bolster Pillow For Legs

  • GREAT KNEE PILLOW. The Carex Semi Roll Pillow gives ideal spine alignment & therapeutic sleep posture for back pain relief. The halfmoon pillow is hypoallergenic & made from premium quality memory foam with removable cover for easy cleaning
  • BACK PILLOW FOR BED. The pillow is ergonomically designed to provide a therapeutic sleep posture to reduce pain and discomfort and to promote ideal spinal alignment. Can also be used under the knees, back, or ankles for additional support
  • SEMI ROUND PILLOW is made from premium quality hypoallergenic memory foam and reacts quickly to your body to provide instant relief and recovers slowly for long-lasting support. Its removable soft blue cover can be machine washed for easy cleaning
  • The Carex Semi Roll Pillow is ideal back pillow for lower back pain to help relieve or prevent head, back, neck and shoulder pain from poor spinal alignment. It can also be used for lumbar support in most chairs providing long-lasting daily support
  • TRUST CAREX, a leader in creating leg pillows for sleeping, knee wedge pillow, and a backpain pillow

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