Reopening Acupuncture Center: COVID-19 Guidelines for Licensed Acupuncturists

The current COVID-19 pandemic has clearly presented a range of challenges to our medical, personal, and business ecosystems in ways that were once unimaginable. In an attempt to combat these challenges, information and safety recommendations have been released for the general public by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and many health institutions. Similarly, licensed acupuncturists are given some guidelines, which they need to strictly adhere to should they choose to remain open during the pandemic or planning to continue their service for the public.

Here are some things that licensed acupuncture should consider during COVID:

Restrict non-essential visits

If you are opening your acupuncture center in the USA, it’s recommended that you postpone or restrict all the non-essential visits of the patients. Plus, avoid group visits since the virus spreads rapidly among groups.

Prescreen all the patients before the visit

Patients should be prescreened by phone before they visit your health center. Ask them if they feel ill or have symptoms of COVID-19 — fever, dry cough, runny nose, shortness of breath. If so, advise them to stay home and take care of themselves.

Screen during the visit

No patient should enter your clinic ill. To ensure that, check their body temperature using a non-touch temperature screening gun and ask them for the signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Also, place hand sanitizers at the entrance, asking every visitor to sanitize their hands before entering the office.

Sanitize your table and other surfaces

As a licensed acupuncturist, it’s your responsibility to keep your visitors safe and healthy during the pandemic. To ensure that, sanitize the table where patients lie down for therapy frequently and thoroughly. Do this before and after every session. Also, clean all the frequently-touched surfaces.

Maintain social distancing inside the office

Since social distancing is crucial to combat COVID-19, you should only allow limited patients inside your office. The number of patients to allow depends on your office space. As a rule of thumb, welcome only one patient at a time.

Use new supplies

Given the nature of acupuncture, you may already know that using new supplies, such as needles, is necessary to keep patients safe and healthy. However, amid this pandemic, you need to pay meticulous attention to every item that may be shared between patients, such as blankets, towels, etc.. You can order acupuncture needles online and get other supplies for individuals.

If you are planning to open your acupuncture center amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, make sure you strictly follow the safety recommendations provided.

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7th Oct 2020 AA Wellness Supply LLC

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