Big News for CBDMD !!!

BIG news from cbdMD!

cbdMD has received one of the most prestigious certifications in the Hemp & CBD industry. As of last week, we are now US Hemp Authority Certified.

The certification signifies the Company's efforts to provide a high-quality, trustworthy product and grants the right to use the Certified Seal of the U.S. Hemp Authority on all hemp product packaging and marketing materials. In addition to the Company’s NSF GMP registration, the USHA Certification further validates that cbdMD adheres to the highest standards and provides consumers with the highest quality hemp extracted cannabinoid products.

Issued by leading food standards auditing company Food Chain ID, the USHA Certification includes a third party audit which covers topics such as maintaining a quality management system, meeting applicable ISO and cGMP standards, implementing standard operating procedures, and ensures compliance with relevant Federal regulations.

19th May 2021 Louis Amodeo

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